Full admission to the CST Graduate School of Theology is granted on the basis of an applicant’s academic competency as demonstrated in the following ways:

  1. Degree and grade point average.
    The applicant must have a bachelor's degree (BA, BS, etc.) from an accredited or recognized college or university, with a minimum grade point average of 3.00 (or its equivalent) for the institution where the last degree was earned. If the grade point average is lower than 3.00, an applicant may be granted probationary admission to the Graduate School of Theology. (Note: Probationary admission will not be granted to applicants for the Doctor of Ministry degree.)
  2. Undergraduate content requirements
    (Applicants for all Master of Arts degrees and the Graduate Studies Certificate in New Testament Studies only). The applicant should have completed at least 15 undergraduate (or higher) credits in Bible and theology with a minimum grade of B- (or its equivalent) for each course as indicated by transcript(s) from accredited or recognized institution(s). A master of arts or graduate studies certificate applicant who meets all other requirements for full admission to the Graduate School of Theology may be granted provisional admission, pending fulfillment of the Bible/theology prerequisites before enrolling in graduate courses. Applicants who do not meet the 15-credit course requirement for Bible/theology must fulfill the requirements in one (or a combination) of the following ways prior to being granted full admission to the Graduate School of Theology:
    1. Complete successfully, with a minimum score of 80 percent (or its equivalent), prescribed Bible/theology courses as indicated by transcript(s) from accredited or recognized institution(s). Undergraduate courses recommended to fulfill this requirement are LIT 1213 Old Testament Literature: His Story, LIT 1303 New Testament Literature, BIB 2043 Principles of Biblical Interpretation, and any 6 credits in theology (choose any two 3-credit theology courses). A student may request to complete Global University’s 17-credit “Undergraduate Certificate I: Bible Interpreter,” subject to minimum score requirements for prerequisites.
    2. Complete successfully within one year from provisional admission to the Graduate School of Theology, with a minimum score of 80 percent, supervised Bible and theology proficiency examinations furnished by the Graduate School of Theology and administered according to Global University guidelines. This option is available only to provisionally accepted students who have a strong understanding of subject matter from either non-credit studies or extensive ministerial training and experience, as demonstrated by one or more of the following:
      1. courses taken at an unaccredited Bible college
      2. non-degree credit or training for ministerial credentials
      3. active full-time ministry of at least three years
      After one year from provisional admission, deficiencies must be met according to policy stated in option 2.a. All prerequisite courses and/or waivers are subject to approval by the Dean of the Graduate School of Theology. Audited courses will not be considered as fulfillment of undergraduate prerequisites.
  3. English academic proficiency.
    The applicant must demonstrate ability in the English language to (a) study and communicate at a graduate level of studies using standard English grammar, syntax, and style; (b) think and communicate logically; (c) do critical analysis; and (d) organize an academic paper in an orderly fashion (To demonstrate these abilities, each applicant is required to write a 500–1000 word essay to accompany the application packet.) At the discretion of the Dean, the applicant may be required to write and submit a five-to-ten page essay on a designated topic. Verification that English proficiency requirements have been fulfilled is subject to approval by the Dean of the Graduate School of Theology.
  4. Additional requirements for full admission as a doctor of ministry student include the following:
  5. A master’s degree from an accredited institution with a grade point average of 3.00 (or its equivalent—no probationary admission).
  6. Satisfactory completion of at least 78 graduate credits, corresponding to the requirements for the Global University Master of Divinity degree. Deficiencies may be satisfied under provisional admission status prior to beginning course work for the Doctor of Ministry degree.
  7. Successful completion of at least two years (minimum of 12 credits) of biblical language, of which a minimum of one year (minimum of 6 credits) must be biblical Greek if enrolling in the Bible and Theology Specialization.
  8. Current ministerial credentials.
  9. A minimum of three years of active ministry experience.
  10. Commitment to remain active in ministry during studies for Doctor of Ministry degree.

A doctor of ministry student who has not been granted full admission status will not be allowed to begin coursework that is required for the 30-credit Doctor of Ministry degree.

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